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It's evolved.

Memories fade and this is one reason why people keep diaries. Maybe you've done that but not continued - and wish you had so that you could remember the amazing and sometimes less amazing, but still treasured, moments in your life.

Likewise, before cameras became ubiquitous I was often the one carrying a camera and this was in the days when the affordability of first purchasing and subsequently developing a 24 or even 36 exposure film was a major economic decision. Two roles of film? That was just a luxury though on one holiday I uncharacteristically threw frugality aside and took three rolls of 36.

Capture the moment

But I'm glad I did! Even though the quality of the photos are not what would be expected today, I captured the moment; I captured what was often a piece of treasured, yet outwardly appearing nonsense. As we moved into the internet era but not quite the social media age, I shared the photos online along with stories that are best not republished (a very old version of this site used to exist) with friends I had gone on holiday with but whose life stage meant that we had moved to different parts of the UK.

Moving beyond the binge

As time progressed I combined a passion for capturing moments, exploration and history. I still had the wild holiday but experiencing different cultures, gorging on new food, and seeing places that were only part of stories and significant events from years ago took on more of a prominence. Often that didn't actually mean having to travel far and it's amazing what destinations closer to home can offer. The Hadrian's Wall Walk in the North of England offers not only an 87 mile step by step visible history of the northern boundary of the Roman Empire (excepting the short lived expansion to the Antonine Wall), but also unrivaled views over a beautiful natural landscape.

I'm not a traveller, but I travel

I'm not one of those people who quit their job and fly to Asia on a one way ticket, limited money and a backpack. This may appeal to some but it's actually a hard life as alternative forms of income have to be found and there is little long term security even if you do manage so earn enough money to get you through each month. Some people make it work, but for most it isn't a realistic option.

Sharaed moments
Unforgettable shared moments not in Patagonia

You can still fulfil your travel dreams but not be a 'traveller'. Do some research, follow what ignites your interests and just go! There is a saying that it is not the destination that counts, but the journey, and that saying definitely has merit. Some of my best experiences have been the journey. For example, a train ride between two major destinations should be straight forward but getting the train from Delhi to Agra to see the Taj Mahal was anything but.

Come on a journey with me and learn what I've learned, see what I've seen, and hopefully be inspired to fulfil your own travel dreams. Let me share my travel tips, how not to be scammed, and how travelling with a baby can be done.

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Hi! I’ve been travelling since the 90's and have visited 48 countries - not many really when the world has over 240 countries and states.

I'm lucky in that I live abroad, so for me, even with COVID devastating the world, the travel experience hasn't really gone away. Anyway, I can't wait to share more of my experiences, drop me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP.