Corfu, Greece

The second largest and greenest Ionian island. It is also the best known. It was the writer Homer's 'beautiful and rich land', and was Odysseus' last stop on his journey home to Ithaca.

Homer's 'beautiful and rich land' is the best known and one of the most beautiful of the Ionian Islands. A beguiling place of wildflowers and cypress groves, Venetian architecture and herb-scented mountains, 30 years unscrupulous and indiscriminate development has done its best to quash its charm.

More than one million visitors descend on Corfu every year, the vast majority of them package tourists heading for the beach resorts. Unless crowded beaches and rowdy bars have huge appeal, it's best to give the ugly resorts north of Corfu Town a wide berth and head northeast to Nisaki and Agni.


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