Naples, Italy

Raucous, polluted, anarchic, deafening, crumbling and aristocratic. Superbly positioned on a bay, Naples screams with energy, pulsating with noisy street markets and colourful characters.

'Naples is an ill-built, ill-paved, ill-lighted, ill-drained, ill-watched, ill-governed and ill-ventilated city', whinged Cook's Tourist's Handbook in 1884. Italy's third-largest city has made big strides forward since then but Cook's observations retain more than a grain of truth.

Naples also bad reputation for crime; petty theft is rife and tourists are targeted. Travellers should keep an eye out for bag-snatchers and pickpockets.


7 Sep 2004 - Naples, Italy

After seeing Herculaneum and Pompeii, after a stay in Sorrento and a visit to Capri, Naples was the last stop before returning to Rome and a flight back home. There is a saying, 'See Naples and die', maybe they mean from the pollution or traffic but there is a small chance that this applies to the view across the Bay of Naples to Vesuvius.
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Naples - A street in Naples

Naples - A street in Naples

Just a busy street in Naples. There are plenty of narrow side streets with shops selling what appears to be junk that are worth wandering down.

Who buys this junk and how do these shops generate repeat business? I haven't a clue but still, you don't see such things everyday and its just one more experience of life, though life in a far off place, to soak up.
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