Majorca, Spain

There's far more to Mallorca than the holy triumvirate of sun, sea and sand. Fight your way past the army of tan-seeking tourists, and you'll discover Gothic architecture, hilltop villages, olive groves and hidden beaches. If you're after something a bit crazier, there are summer parties galore.

Visitors can fan out in the direction of either Palma de Mallorca, the main centre, or the northwest coast with the Serra de Tramuntana mountain ranges, or the north and east coast beaches. Whatever your poison, you (and about ten million other tourists) can find it here.

I visited Magaluf as a 16 year old and so began my journey of underage drinking, legal drinking, vomiting in the street and other antisocial acts. Disgraceful behaviour. My second trip was after my A Levels back in 1992 and was a bit more civilised as I went with a lady friend who was exactly just that. And no, I'm not gay.


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