Bannockburn, Scotland

On 24th June 1314 the greatest victory in Scotland's struggle to remain independent from the English took place at the Battle of Bannockburn. Robert the Bruce overcame superior numbers and sent King Edward II's English force fleeing for their lives.

The battle of Bannockburn was undoubtedly of one of the most spectacular battles of the Scottish Wars of Independence. Although the struggle against the English was to continue for some 13 years more, the Scottish victory was of enormous importance as it secured the future of the throne for Robert Bruce, King of Scots.


26 Aug 2006 - Bannockburn, Scotland

This represented my first trip to Scotland and encompassed visits to Stirling and St Fillans. The main purpose was to do some white water rafting in St Fillans but on the way there Stirling and historic Bannockburn needed a look in also. Bannockburn has a visitor centre that tells the story of the battle and the battle field itself tries to indicate the main locations of the battle. In reality the exact battle site isn't known with full certainty.
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Bannockburn - Robert the Bruce's command post

Bannockburn - Robert the Bruce's command post

For God and St Andrew. Robert the Bruce, King of Scots planted his standard near this spot when the Scottish Patriots under his command vanquished the Army of Edward II of England at the Battle of Bannockburn, 24th June 1314.
Bannockburn - The Bannockburn battlefield

Bannockburn - The Bannockburn battlefield

The location of Scotland's greatest victory over the English in its struggle to remain independent. Robert the Bruce overcame superior numbers and better equipped troops to send the English running back across the border.
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