San Marino, San Marino

San Marino is a day trip destination only and can be done easily from the places that I visited on this trip. If not from Bologna, then from beach resort of Rimini which is where I departed from. In fact, such trips are widely advertsed in Rimini and if just lounging on a beach doesn't appeal to you then this is good escape.


20 Jun 2005 - San Marino, San Marino

My short tour of Italy comprised Bolgna and then Rimini - two very contrasting places. Though only having 5 days away including travel, a day trip was also squeezed in whilst staying in Rimini. Ideal as a day trip, San Marino has some impressive fortifications and the views all around are spectacular. You will also be unlikely to see such a density of souvenir shops as well!
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San Marino - Fortress

San Marino - Fortress tower

To get into the fortress sections tickets need to be bought but the views from the towers are worth it. This is what greets the visitor upon entering the pay area.
San Marino - View to next tower on cliff

San Marino - View to next tower on cliff

This impressive shot takes in the surrounding countryside and impressive fortifications.
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