Pisa, Italy

Once a maritime power to rival Genoa and Venice, Pisa draws its fame from an architectural project gone wrong: its Leaning Tower (Torre Pendente). So famous is it that it overwhelms the fact that it is only one of a trio of splendours occupying the green carpet of the Campo dei Miracoli (Field of Miracles).



9 May 2002 - Pisa, Italy

After Venice, Pisa was next on the Italian tour. Two days and one night is sufficient to see the best of what Pisa has to offer and for most people that needs no explanation. Having said that, the famous leaning tower is only one monument in an extraordinary concentration of Romanesque splendour.

The area is the Campo dei Miracoli and holds the cathedral, the baptistry and Leaning Tower. The cathedral was started in 1064 and is clad with the alternative bands of dark green and cream marble that are characteristic of the Pisan-Romanseque style. The baptistry began in 1153 but wasn't completed until the 14th century which has resulted in a mix of architectural styles. The Leaning Tower was started in 1173 but took 177 years to be completed because of the sinking and wars between Pisa and other nearby city states such as Florence and Genoa.
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Pisa - The Leaning Tower and Cathedral

Pisa - The Leaning Tower and Cathedral

The cathedral, baptistry and Leaning Tower are all within close proximity but this photo only shows the cathedral and famous tower.
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