Niagara, Canada

Undoubtedly the biggest attraction is not one, but three falls - the Rainbow and Bridal Veil Falls on the American side and the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side. The Rainbow and Bridal Veil Falls are straight curtains of water falling 55m (180ft) down over a lip 33m (110ft) wide. Impressive though they are, the Horseshoe Falls outclasses both of them; at 750m from one side to the other and 50m high, most of the water rushing in from the Great Lakes gravitates toward the Horseshoe Falls.

But it's not all about scenery; there's always the off-chance that you'll see some crazy idiot attempting to take a ride over the falls. Over the years, daredevils have attempted the feat in barrels, in large rubber balls, in something phlegmatically called 'the thing' and in a kayak; it's been attempted in the company of a 105 year old turtle (the turtle survived, the barreler did not) and lashed to a partner.

One of the best ways to experience the awesome power of the falls (if you're not quite up to doing it in a barrel lashed to your spouse) is the Bridal Veil tour. It takes you right behind the scene, behind the booming veil of water to experience it from the other side. It's said that the negative ions generated by the falling water act as an aphrodisiac, so make sure you come prepared.


7 Jul 1997 - Niagara, Canada

We only spent a two days and a night here just to see the famous waterfall. Apparently the Canadian side is the best hence why we went to Canada to see it. We got a cheap motel and then went off to explore the area. Not a great deal to see really. Just the waterfall, tacky souvenir shops and plenty of restaurants to satisfy the free spending tourists.

As with everywhere else in the US and Canada, if you like steak will be more than happy with the servings. Huge slices of cow dripping with blood topped with raw onion and a side plate of chips. Fantastic for the taste buds but not so good for the arteries but who cares. Nothing like a bloody slab of animal washed down with a beer.
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Niagara Falls - View to the US side

Niagara Falls - View to the US side

The falls are best viewed from the Canadian side but unfortunately the photo isn't as good as it could be because it was an overcast day. Mist shrouds the right side of the photo and the boat that takes visitors up to the falls is called the 'Lady in the Mist'.
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