St Fillans, Scotland

St Fillans is a village in the central highlands of Scotland, in the district of Perth and Kinross. It lies at the eastern end of Loch Earn, 6km west of Comrie on the A85 road.

There is a large hydroelectric power station in St Fillans, fed from a dam at Loch Lednock high above the village. The power station, which forms part of the Breadalbane Hydroelectric Power Scheme, is not visible within St Fillans as it is underground and was hewn from solid rock. The golf course at St Fillans was created in 1903 by Willie Auchterlonie.

The village became the scene of controversy in November 2005 when a housing development was halted to avoid killing the fairies which allegedly lived under a rock on the proposed site. After some negotiation the new housing estate was redesigned so that the rock in question was preserved, in a small park in the centre of the estate.


Four Seasons Hotel, St Fillans

27 Aug 2006 - St Fillans, Scotland

Today was white water rafting day on the River Tay. Just getting there was a pleasurable experience in itself - very little traffic and stunning scenery. At some points it was worthy of stopping the car and getting out to capture it on camera.

The white water rafting was great fun and fortunately the weather was warm and sunny though it the water was still cold! We started higher up the river where it was calmer and everyone could be familiarised with what they needed to do. The group leaders had the usual well rehearsed patter and introduced a bit of fun into it by making the boat stand on its end and do other tricks. The goal of all this I am sure was to throw people into the water and this happened a couple of times. At one point I had someone standing on my chest while I was at the bottom of the river! All good fun though!

Lower down the river the conditions got a little rougher but I wouldn't really have called this white water rafting, still it was a great day out and a chance to observe more of the gorgeous Scottish countryside.
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The Highlands - The Scottish highlands

The Scottish highlands

Driving through the Scottish highlands on the way to the white water rafting centre was a joy and what driving should always be like! This awe inspiring view made me stop driving and get out to take a photo.
River Tay - Rafting centre

River Tay - Rafting centre

This is the river closer to the rafting centre and is almost the end point of the white water rafting activity.

26 Aug 2006 - St Fillans, Scotland

Bannockburn, Stirling and now the final destination - St Fillans. St Fillans is a very small place which if you are driving drive through could easily be missed. With its location on the banks of Loch Earn though, missing it could be excused as your attention would no doubt be drawn to the stunning views (but keep your eyes on the road!) over the loch and the surrounding hills and forests which incidentally provide great walks.

We stayed in the The Four Seasons hotel and had a room overlooking the loch. I rarely recommend hotels but this one comes very highly regarded. With its location, hospitality and two restaurants offering top quality cuisine, this is really an oasis in the middle of the Scottish wilds. True, a small number of other hotels exist nearby but I cannot find anything to fault with The Four Seasons particularly the restaurant! And after a couple of bottles of wine, to venture out on a clear night to sit by the loch is perfect.
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St Fillans - Imagine waking up to this?

St Fillans - Imagine waking up to this?

Exactly, just imagine seeing this when you look out your window.
St Fillans - Loch Earn and surrounding hills

St Fillans - Loch Earn and surrounding hills

On the shore of the loch outside the hotel, looking up to the forested hills. I did manage to take a walk through some of the woods but didn't have the time for a serious walk. Trails of various lengths exist that take the walker high atop the hills.
St Fillans - Loch Earn from The Four Seasons

St Fillans - Loch Earn from The Four Seasons

Another angle of Loch Earn.
St Fillans - The Four Seasons Hotel

St Fillans - The Four Seasons Hotel

After dinner, a couple of bottles of wine and looking back from the loch shore to the hotel. The night was pleasantly cool and clear with the only sound being that of the waters of the loch lapping at the shore.
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