6 Dec 2001 - Patagonia, Chile

On day 4, rather than walk back the way we had come we elected to get a ferry. This had the benefit of whiskey and glacier ice and a close encounter with Glacier Grey for some spectacular views and photos.

After this it was back to Puerto Natales for a couple of days before returning to Santiago.
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Chile - Leaving Camp Grey

Chile - Leaving Camp Grey

On the ferry taking us past Glacier Grey and back to civilisation. It looks cold - thankfully we didn't have to sleep in the tent that night!
Chile - Digging out the tent

Chile - Digging out the tent

We spent the night in the refugio at Grey but still erected the tent to look like campers. We weren't supposed to stay in the refugio as we had only paid for camping so it was a bit naughty. Just as well that we didn't stay in the tent as we would never have got our clothes dry. In addition to this, it snowed heavily in the night collapsing the tent which thankfully we were not in. However, if we were it, our body heat may have melted the snow thus preventing a collapse.

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