5 Dec 2001 - Patagonia, Chile

Day 3 began overcast with the hint of rain. After cooking up another pasta meal we went to see the nearby glacier and then began another march, this time to Grey. The weather held firm for the first hour and a half before a constant drizzle settled upon us. This drizzle turned into rain and began to turn the paths into mud baths. This slowed down our progress as staying upright became a challenge in itself. I could see the harsh conditions to come so I decided to stop at hut for chicken and rich which was delicious whilst Adam, resolve strong, stayed true to the trekking, self sufficient spirit.

After 4 hours of marching we became wet through despite having sturdy shoes and waterproof clothing. The rain had even penetrated our rucksacks and some of our dry kit. Some of the small streams that crossed our path became fast flowing larger streams that complicated their crossing but this only made it more enjoyable to cross them - though if we had fallen in that joy would have soon changed. When we reached Grey we were both quite soaked, the rain hadn't stopped and the thought of another night in the tent with wet clothes was a worrying prospect.

In this hostel further 'mental weakness' occurred, despite Adam earlier being the one chastising me for similar weakness and had some food other than pasta - plus a few cartons of wine as well. We dried our clothes in front of the fire and pretended that we had paid to stay in the hostel. When everyone went to bed we got our sleeping bags out and slept in the warmth. Just as well! When we woke up at about 6AM (me because of cold) we looked out of the window to see that it had snowed heavily in the night.
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Chile - Arrival at Camp Grey

Chile - Arrival at Camp Grey

Soaked through. Not that many pictures for day 3 despite there being some spectacular scenary. The heavy rain forced the camera to stay under wraps. On our trek to Campamento Grey we had to endure almost constant rain.

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