7 Apr 2000 - St Lawrence, Barbados

Barbados was the target of only a 4 day visit so it was very much a period of relaxation, swimming in the surf and eating fine Caribbean foods. Like "The Place" says, make sure you do fill up on the flying fish because it is delicious!

While wandering around one day I went to see a football match between a couple of local teams. I found it too hot to go faster than a walking pace but these boys, all built like Emile Heskey were charging around a pitch that was uneven and baked solid from the unrelenting sun. It wasn't particularly skilful but it was certainly very physical.

On my way back some local boy who had been smoking to much of his home grown started to harass me and attempted to sell me a coconut as the 'juice of life'. Nice try but there's coconuts all over the place. He was very insistent and I had to be firm but polite. The locals who were going past were looking at me and indicating that the bloke was loopy. Getting away was hard and I thought it may turn nasty. All pride was ready to be extinguished and I was thinking about suddenly bolting down the road. I remained where I was though ready to spring but he eventually gave up in annoyance with me.

The other things to watch for are the lads who come along the beach, give you the handshake with all its Caribbean friendliness and then ask, "You want smoke? You want smoke?"
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Barbados - Beach on the hotel front

Barbados - Beach on the hotel front

This is the view from the front of my hotel room. The surf could be heard constantly which was very relaxing to be able to hear the rhythmic swish whilst in bed. The beach is off limits to the locals but one chap did make his way to me to ask, 'you want smoke?'
Barbados - View from the back of my room

Barbados - View from the back of my room

And this is the view from the entrance to my room at the rear facing side of the hotel.

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