14 Dec 2001 - Santiago, Chile

The final few days to my holiday and it was time to take in Santiago. Some parts of the city really have a colonial feel but a lot of these buildings seem to be coated in rotting paint. However, as you reach the center you could almost be in any highly developed country as there are plenty of shops and more than a few sky scrapers. As you move away from the center the streets become full of traders conducting their business on the sidewalks. We made our way up the hill to see the the Holy Virgin and relax in the sun looking across the city of Santiago with a smoke.

So what is the night life like? We only went on a mission on one night. This was to the more upmarket area of Av. Suecia where the prices were maybe 3 times those what we had become accustomed to in other parts of Santiago and in fact the rest of the country. We went from bar to bar and club to club getting steadily more merry. Eventually a couple of lasses started talking to us and then after about 30 minutes of pleasant conversation and from out of the blue, offered themselves to us - for a price. After haggling, the proposed deal was both of them, both of us, hotel room for the night and all for just 20. The deal was getting stupidly cheap so in order to save face and get rid of them we had to start asking for some extreme practices which not even money would tempt them to do. This left an unresolved deal so both sides saved face and we went our separate ways.

On our way to somewhere that I can't remember as the alcohol was well and truly kicking in we were approached by one of the blokes in the street handing out flyers to strip bars. "Maybe something special for you, huh? You come with me, no pay, just look. You don't like, you leave. No pay. No problem". Well I wasn't keen but Adam was keen just to have a look. With one arm wrenched behind my back I too agreed to go along it would be interesting to say the least! After making it clear that this was not to cost anything while using English, bits of Spanish and clear hand signals we followed the chap to a flat situated near by while I discretely redistributed my money (which I didn't have much of anyway) and cards around my body in case we were walking into a mugging. In we went, were given a seat in the living room and in walked a scantily clad professional lady. We told the bloke we didn't like and he said "Fine, no problem. I show you my other girls". Cue laughter from Adam.

Off again this time to a different residential block. We had to be very quiet as the neighbours would be upset but we weren't allowed in straight away as they had a client. I got a little nervous with the waiting and my mind began working out the best way of escape - not easy when the only way I knew was via the lift. After 5 minutes two blokes came out. One of them was an American who seemed blown away by what he had received - quite literally as well. In we went and were sat down again.

This time six scantily clad ladies of ill repute walked out, each one giving us a kiss on the cheek before standing on parade in front of us. We had to make our choice but again said that nothing appealed to us and out we went. Before the reader thinks, "Ah, but what if they had been attractive? Then what?" Well the truth was that some of them were quite nice and with us in our drunken weakened state it could have been quite easy to slip. But no! Neither of us wanted any of that kind of action.
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Chile - Santiago, one half of a 20 deal!

Chile - Santiago, one half of a 20 deal!

After many minutes engaged in interesting and promising conversation with an attractive Chilean lass wearing a Union Jack top (this was the age of Cool Britannia), she suddenly and from out of the blue asked if I would be interested in sex for money (that was the snag). This hooking lass is her pal and was the other part of the deal. No wonder Adam is laughing. Eventually we talked our way out the situation.
Chile - Santiago, a night out on the drink

Chile - Santiago, a night out on the drink

Adam doing a fine impression of a lunatic. I remember the night revolved around a number of trendy bars in the upmarket area of Santiago.

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