13 Nov 1999 - Hong Kong, China

This was a seven day trip to Hong Kong but effectively only 5 days because of travel. For this reason it was very quick trip with lots of walking, sight seeing and obligatory eating. When the sight and smell of food is all around then it's impossible next to. In fact I think that Hong Kong is one big kitchen. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong can soon become tiresome but if you fancy a break from that there is always Victoria Peak which can take you to somewhere a lot more peaceful and relaxing; somewhere to stand in the breeze and look across Hong Kong and the great harbour.

As for the restaurants, we tried a number of different ones but my favourite was the street restaurant where you could select your still living victims and have them cooked for you. There was so much to choose from and it was very good quality food for a very reasonable price. Okay, seeing an old woman squatting outside 'washing' plates by simply scrubbing them under a running tap (probably cold water) might put some people off but what is a bit of grease going to do to you? To be fair, she may have been rinsing them.

Out of the 5 days we had to explore, we took a day trip to Macau and the food there was also exquisite but at a fraction of the price to that in Hong Kong; but more about that in the Macau section.
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Hong Kong - Nathan Road at night

Hong Kong - Nathan Road at night

One of the main roads leading on Kowloon.
Hong Kong - Street restaurants

Hong Kong - Street restaurants

One of my great pleasures in any country I visit is the food and Hong Kong offers some of the best food in the world. Some of the restaurants in Hong Kong are very expensive but why go to some air conditioned restaurant when you can go to one of the many street restaurant and eat great food for a fraction of the price? This restaurant offered plenty of sea food, still alive and crawling in many cases. All I had to do was choose who went into the pot.
Hong Kong - A bus to Aberdeen

Hong Kong - A bus to Aberdeen

In one of busy roads of Hong Kong I saw this bus for Aberdeen. Reminders of the Hong Kong's colony status are everywhere.
Hong Kong -  Old amongst the forest of new

Hong Kong - Old amongst the forest of new

In a city full of high rise buildings I came across this traditional building. This has been since at least 1955 and represents the typical type of building that once existed all over the Northern side of the island. I know it is old as my father used to live opposite and he recognised it from his youth. The rest of the surrounding area though was as new to him as it was to me.
Hong Kong -  Opposite the Man Mo temple

Hong Kong - Opposite the Man Mo temple

Hollywood Road, photo taken opposite the Man Mo temple.
Hong Kong - The Man Mo Temple

Hong Kong - The Man Mo Temple

Inside the Man Mo Temple on the corner of Hollywood Road and Ladder Street. This is one of the oldest and most famous temples on Hong Kong. Its age is unknown but it is certain that it was here before the British claimed Hong Kong in 1841. Outside are four plaques. Two describe the Gods being worshipped, one requests quietness and the other warns menstruating women to keep away. Back inside, the coils suspended from the roof in the photo are incense cones burnt by worshippers.
Hong Kong - On Hong Kong island

Hong Kong - On Hong Kong island

Another view of Hong Kong.

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