24 Mar 2007 - Bansko, Bulgaria

No skiing since the 20th! Why? Being laid low with flu is the reason why. As was Nick. Our room turned into a chamber of pain as we could only lie in bed and sleep such was our lack of strength, muscle pain and chills. An occasional foray out to buy some snacks, eat the awful hotel food and on one day endure a death march to a pharmacy was all we could manage. On one night we tried to go to a mehana that I know but the steak meal which was so gorgeous to the taste buds last year just did not have the same effect. In the end, we only managed to regain our strength on the day of our departure.
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Bansko - Step into the past

Bansko - Step into the past

Bulgaria is modernising but you can still scenes like this one on Pirin St.

Bansko - Above the entrance to the Sveta Troitsa Church

Bansko - Above the entrance to the Sveta Troitsa Church

The orthodox images of Christianity. This part of Europe, once part of the orthodox Byzantine Empire eventually became part of the Muslim Ottoman Empire but the orthodox branch of Christianity was never extinguished. The writing says 'This is to glorify the Cross, the life giving, the togetherness, coming from The Union of the Holy Trinity, The Father , The Son and The Holy Spirit. This holy place for prayer, carrying the name The Holy Trinity was built with the help of Lazar Gerasimovitch who helped the local christians from the great village of Bansko in the summer of (year indeciperable)'

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