18 Mar 2007 - Bansko, Bulgaria

Its time to revisit Bansko to ensure that my apartment is being built in the place it is supposed to be; in fact to make sure its actually being built. Imagine shelling out all this cash to see that hole in the ground that I agreed to invest in is still a hole in the ground. Fortunately progress has been good so let's hope it continues.

This was also the last week of the ski season so it was either go now and at least see a bit of skiing or wait and then get here to nothing very much. Despite it being the last week, there was still plenty of snow but on the learner slopes the conditions did tend to get slushy by about 1pm. I have found out since that the ski season can continue into mid - late April but I don't know what the facilities and restaurants are like at about this time.

On the way down an interesting incident occurred; our coach was stopped by a policeman and I found out that our coach had been stopped because of a 'speeding' offence. I knew that wasn't true as this was the slowest coach I had ever been on. What actually had occurred was that the policeman saw an opportunity to make a quick buck by stopping the coach driver for 'speeding' and then accepting a bribe to allow him to continue.
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