15 Dec 2001 - Santiago, Chile

Boy oh boy! Last night was a big night and today the effects are making themselves pretty well known. The bad thing is that we had booked a wine tasting and wine making tour. While not being able to discern the delicate aromas of blackberry, apricot, straw and plum we certainly knew how to gulp it down to the amusement of our hosts and Brazilian couple also making the tour with us. A great moment that sticks in my mind is how after our tour guide spent 5 minutes explaining the intricacies of the wine we were about to taste and then offered the chance to try, Adam downed his whole glass in one go to the absolute shock of the guide!

One final point to note; despite the taxis drivers we met being fairly honest, cheerful chaps, if you feel that you have been done ask for the 'boletto'. This is a kind of print out from his computer that displays the distance, cost and the taxi drivers ID.
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Chile - Santiago, wine tasting in the De Martino vineyard

Chile - Santiago, wine tasting in the De Martino vineyard

An enjoyable day despite our hangovers! We were shown how wine is produced and how to study it; from its appearance to its taste. We learned the subtle practice of swirling a glass of white in front of a white background to view its clarity and colour; the different flavours of red wine and the advantage of storing it in French Oak casks rather than American Oak.
Chile - Santiago, in the grounds of the De Martino vineyard<

Chile - Santiago, in the grounds of the De Martino vineyard

Adam posing in the gardens for the camera. During wine tasting, Adam displayed his lack of culture by bolting his samples; our teacher smiled politely but her eyes betrayed her shock! After this a different sample and a lengthy description of how it differed was given. Again, Adam pulled off the same trick.

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