September 2008

28 Sep 2008 - Bansko, Bulgaria

The ski season in Bansko runs from December to April and during this period the resort is very busy. There is also an active summer season as which lasts from June to August. Outside of these times however Bansko is a quiet mountain town and if you want to enjoy the great outdoors plus have some lively evenings then this isn't the best time to visit though ...Read Bansko blog»
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27 Sep 2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Two years after purchasing my off plan ski resort apartment and much hassle later, it was finally time to return to Bulgaria to take possession! Many travel from Sofia to Bansko via taxi or arranged pick up which is costly. I elected to get the bus which was a much more daunting prospect particularly because in Bulgaria they use the Cyrillic alphabet and rea ...Read Sofia blog»
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6 Sep 2008 - Cambridge, England

Never overlook the jewel on your own doorstep and Cambridge is certainly one. Architecturally splendid, compact and with much to see and do, today's visit included an open top, hop on - hop off bus with Daizy Dukes (though not wearing cut off denim shorts and not a car chase in sight), something I have only done in Naples, Barcelona and Stratford upon Avon - ...Read Cambridge blog»
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1 Sep 2008 - Ibiza (Eivissa Town), Spain

Our final day on our holiday resulted in the cultural part of the trip and we re-visited Eivissa Town to explore the old walled town of D'Alt Vila. The Romans were the first to fortify the hilltop, but the walls which can be seen now were completed in 1585 to protect against invasion by combined French and Ottoman forces. The fortifications consist of sev ...Read Ibiza (Eivissa Town) blog»
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