October 2008

12 Oct 2008 - Canterbury, England

After the excitement of the previous day seeing Saxons and Normans in combat on the Battlefield of Hastings, I paid a penance for my glorying in violence and made my second pilgrimage to historic Canterbury. I had seen many of the major attractions on my last visit which meant that this visit was less of a monument ticking exercise and more of a relaxed and ...Read Canterbury blog»
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11 Oct 2008 - Battle (Battle of Hastings), England

The Battle of Hastings was fought on the morning of Saturday, 14th October 1066 and resulted in Norman control of England. The victory and subsequent Norman Conquest was pivotal for several reasons. It largely removed the native ruling class, replacing it with a foreign, French-speaking monarchy and aristocracy and transformed English language and culture. ...Read Battle (Battle of Hastings) blog»
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