November 2008

30 Nov 2008 - Oslo (Viking Ship Museum), Norway

For me at least, the Viking Ship Museum is the highlight of any trip to Oslo, almost on a par with the Wasa in Stockholm. These Viking ships beat the Wasa into second place though because these represent a very different time in Europe and are almost 800 years older. Despite their great age, the ships and artifacts are in amazing condition. The ...Read Oslo (Viking Ship Museum) blog»
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29 Nov 2008 - Oslo (Norwegian Folk Museum), Norway

Last week was my first visit to Belgium and this week also saw another first with Norway being the target. Oslo in a weekend is challenge especially if it is cold and wet - an energy sapping condition made worse with a soggy map. Despite the inclement weather, much was done but with Oslo having so much to offer, there was inevitably much that was missed and ...Read Oslo (Norwegian Folk Museum) blog»
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23 Nov 2008 - Mons (St Symphorien), Belgium

Continuing the military theme of this tour, we visited Mons, the scene of first and last actions of World War I for the British Army. More precisely, we visited the Saint Symphorien military cemetery located just outside of Mons. St Symphorien Military Cemetery was made by the Germans in August 1914, after the Battle of Mons. It remained in their hands unti ...Read Mons (St Symphorien) blog»
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22 Nov 2008 - Eben Emael (Fort Eben Emael), Belgium

When I first read about the attack on Eben Emael fort by the first military use of gliders I found it hard to understand how this could have been performed. However, there is no better way of understanding a battle than to walk over the ground it was fought on. The fortress is underground with a number of artillery casemates and cupolas on the surface. Most ...Read Eben Emael (Fort Eben Emael) blog»
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21 Nov 2008 - Ypres, Belgium

The aim of my first visit to Belgium was to see the scene of the opening battle of World War II on the Western Front, the Battle of Fort Eben Emael. This small but significant battle entered the annals of military history for its exemplary planning, execution, daring and innovation. Ypres is a place I've always wanted to come to on a battlefield tour becaus ...Read Ypres blog»
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