May 2008

17 May 2008 - Wroclaw, Poland

The second day of the stag trip began with a very quick tour of the town to see a few sights but then recommenced the liquid intake in the early afternoon. The intention was to watch the FA Cup final between Portsmouth and Cardiff but by the time the game started no body was interested any more and we were all quite happy making our entertainment. Or to be m ...Read Wroclaw blog»
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16 May 2008 - Wroclaw, Poland

My last stag do was in Iceland back in 2005 but this one, with 19 'staggers' promised to be a much more raucous affair. Unlike what I usually do when abroad, I knew that this weekend would have very little time for exploring the city and would focus on hard drinking, games and tasks for the stag. I wasn't wrong. Whilst the drinking in Iceland was kept to the ...Read Wroclaw blog»
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