June 2008

21 Jun 2008 - Chester, England

After Hadrian's Wall I headed back South, stopping off in Chester to continue being a tourist in my home town. When you start to scratch at the surface there is still plenty left to discover and it's surprising to find yourself still being surprised by what you can find out. Chester is compact and much is squeezed in with most places of interest inside the ...Read Chester blog»
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16 Jun 2008 - Hadrians Wall (Cawfields to Housesteads, via Vindolanda), England

I restarted at Cawfields, picking up on where I left the Wall the night before. This section of Hadrian's Wall offers some of the best preserved and typical examples of the Roman remains to be seen along its entire length. Starting with Cawfields Milecastle, evidence of gateways that would have allowed trade between the North and Roman Britain can be seen. ...Read Hadrians Wall (Cawfields to Housesteads, via Vindolanda) blog»
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15 Jun 2008 - Hadrians Wall (Bleartarn to Cawfields Quarry 16.5 miles), England

Breakfast of pasta and pesto and it was time to march again. An early morning shower soon gave way to clear sunny weather and being out in the country was a joy again. Adam left for home at about 11AM, near Brampton. In remote countryside, the scenery varied from fields, country lanes, woods then the rolling hills leading up to the first visible sections of ...Read Hadrians Wall (Bleartarn to Cawfields Quarry 16.5 miles) blog»
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14 Jun 2008 - Hadrians Wall (Bowness to Bleartarn 20.6 miles), England

8AM and a beautiful morning with a great view over the Solway Firth. We packed up and worked out where the beginning of the path started, began the walk and then settled down for a spot of breakfast which was a pot of pasta and pesto. Hadrian's Wall Path is a well marked out route and is a Long Distance National Trail. At the time of writing there are 15 of ...Read Hadrians Wall (Bowness to Bleartarn 20.6 miles) blog»
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13 Jun 2008 - Hadrians Wall, England

Roman history has always had me fascinated and not only because of the civilisation itself but also because of how much it shaped European history. Hadrian's Wall is one of the most extensive archeological monuments in England and stretches across England from East to West. The wall is 73 miles long but the Hadrian's Wall Path is over 84 miles and takes you ...Read Hadrians Wall blog»
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