December 2008

21 Dec 2008 - Conwy, Wales

Continuing my Welsh tour, I left the impressive Caenarfon for the equally impressive Conwy. Though the castle isn't as well kept as the one at Caenarfon, but the town and its walls are a lot more interesting. The walls are also intact unlike the walls in many other towns and cities which have had to give way to traffic and new roads as well as war damage. Wh ...Read Conwy blog»
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20 Dec 2008 - Caernarfon, Wales

Wild and picturesque with a wealth of history, Wales has escaped the attention of my wanderings until now. That mainly comes from being a proud Cestrian and having it on my doorstep for so long.The town is best known for its great stone castle, built by Edward I of England and consequently is sometimes seen as a symbol of English domination. This may well ha ...Read Caernarfon blog»
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6 Dec 2008 - Ipswich (Sutton Hoo), England

In 1939 an undisturbed Anglo-Saxon burial ship and an amazing collection of treasures dating from the early 7th century was found. The Anglo-Saxons originated from the Nordic and Germanic tribes and is why I see this as continuation of what was seen in Oslo last week. However, where in Oslo an entire ship survived, at Sutton Hoo none of the original timber r ...Read Ipswich (Sutton Hoo) blog»
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