March 2007

24 Mar 2007 - Bansko, Bulgaria

No skiing since the 20th! Why? Being laid low with flu is the reason why. As was Nick. Our room turned into a chamber of pain as we could only lie in bed and sleep such was our lack of strength, muscle pain and chills. An occasional foray out to buy some snacks, eat the awful hotel food and on one day endure a death march to a pharmacy was all we could manag ...Read Bansko blog»
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20 Mar 2007 - Bansko, Bulgaria

Another day on the slopes and more glorious weather. Even Nick got himself out today but by the end he regretted learning ski boarding because of the longer and steeper learning curve. If he had used skis he would have been getting about and skiing though perhaps a little gingerly. Instead, he spent a day on the baby slopes banging his knees and backside, ta ...Read Bansko blog»
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19 Mar 2007 - Bansko, Bulgaria

The first day in resort and the weather was clear and not too cold so you could say ideal ski conditions. My pal, Nick decided to stay in bed because of late arrival the night before so I skied alone. It was always going to be like this though as I can ski and for Nick it was his first time. He had no trouble going out that evening though as the final pictur ...Read Bansko blog»
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18 Mar 2007 - Bansko, Bulgaria

Its time to revisit Bansko to ensure that my apartment is being built in the place it is supposed to be; in fact to make sure its actually being built. Imagine shelling out all this cash to see that hole in the ground that I agreed to invest in is still a hole in the ground. Fortunately progress has been good so let's hope it continues. This was also the las ...Read Bansko blog»
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