June 2007

17 Jun 2007 - Istanbul, Turkey

Good-bye Istanbul! Today is my final day but its certainly been action packed. I arrived on Thursday night and now today, Sunday morning, I am preparing to go. Being on my own, it possibly allowed me to cover the great distances that I did; 26+ miles is some distance over two days. To do this with someone requires them to have the enthusiasm to see everythin ...Read Istanbul blog»
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16 Jun 2007 - Istanbul, Turkey

Leaving my hotel by 08:45 allowed me to see some of the streets before they filled with humanity, especially around the Kapali Carsi (Grand Bazaar). My target for the day was to see the Aqueduct of Valens and the Suleymaniye Camii (a spectacular mosque). After that I would be left with crossing the Golden Horn via the bridge and exploring the Karakoy and Ga ...Read Istanbul blog»
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15 Jun 2007 - Istanbul, Turkey

With two full days for my trip it was going to be a challenge to see everything I wanted but I was out of the hotel by 10AM and thanks to the recce performed the night before had a good idea of where I needed to go. A lot of the historical stuff is based around the Sultanamet and is quite a compact area which is excellent. My first stop was the Hippodrome - ...Read Istanbul blog»
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14 Jun 2007 - Istanbul, Turkey

I left my job yesterday and start my new one next week so what better than to spend time before a new job than by visiting somewhere far off? I can think of nothing else so the target of my visit was Istanbul; Constantinople, Nova Roma, Byzantium - call it what you want but all it does is reflect the 2000 years of history that can be seen all over this city. ...Read Istanbul blog»
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9 Jun 2007 - Granada, Spain

Although Granada has numerous points of interest, the purpose of my visit was to view the UNESCO world heritage site of The Alhambra which in itself takes the best part of a day to see. Some areas cannot be accessed without a ticket and only a limited number of these are available every day. In high season, either get there early or try pre-booking via the A ...Read Granada blog»
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