September 2006

23 Sep 2006 - Tarragona, Spain

Reus airport serves as a provincial airport by the budget airlines as a gateway to Barcelona. Barcelona is about an hour away and is an airport I have often arrived at. However, I had seen that Tarragona is very near by so after reading about it became interested in visiting, largely because of the Roman remains. I arrived at the airport with very little mo ...Read Tarragona blog»
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20 Sep 2006 - Barcelona, Spain

September and just as Britain is going through the last dying weeks of summer, Barcelona is still hot so a trip at this time of the year makes the summer appear to last just that little big longer. October with its cloud, wind and rain are just around the corner. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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15 Sep 2006 - Dundee, Scotland

With only a day of the two week camp left we were all given the chance to go into Dundee in the daytime. Obviously we had been into Dundee for a night out which being in university freshers week made for a good venture. Today though, was the first chance to see Dundee in the daytime and to find out what it had to offer. There are a few notable tourist attra ...Read Dundee blog»
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14 Sep 2006 - Dundee, Scotland

One more day of R&R and it was the day of the long trek. Memories of days of guard duty, 6 AM starts, military training and seemingly pointless tasks were rapidly fading away as the fun element of the two weeks came to the fore. Guard duty did throw up a few laughs though. I was tasked with guard duty with 5 others and we each had an separate guard point aro ...Read Dundee blog»
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13 Sep 2006 - Dundee, Scotland

The whole reason I was in Dundee was to join in a two week TA camp. To be more precise, I was at a barracks called Barry Buddon which is just outside of Dundee. Most of the two weeks was spent learning and refreshing military skills plus regiment specific skills such as guiding in a helicopter to deliver or take a load. There was also a lot of range work and ...Read Dundee blog»
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