May 2006

28 May 2006 - Lands End, England

Lands End was part of a trip I took down to Devon. First on the list to see was Exeter, my university city and place full of memories. After that were was Penzance, the pretty village of Mousehole on the coast, Lands End and finally the Eden Project were all destinations. The Eden Project consists of two huge domes that replicate different the tropical and t ...Read Lands End blog»
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10 May 2006 - Porto, Portugal

Unlike the last time I was here, I did not have to have any job problems to attend to which meant a relaxing trip seeing things I should have seen last time. This time I was introduced to the pleasures and intricacies of Port and did some sampling in one of the wineries along the waterfront. Drinking fortified wine on an empty stomach before midday gave me a ...Read Porto blog»
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1 May 2006 - Bath, England

Bath is often mentioned in books and news articles, usually for its famous baths but also its architectural splendour. This and the fact that all things Roman fascinate me made Bath an interesting subject for a bank holiday trip. The baths themselves are very different from Roman times though at the lower levels the Roman origins are quite obvious. In Roman ...Read Bath blog»
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