July 2006

28 Jul 2006 - Salou, Spain

Blackpool with sun is how Salou can be described. Grannies, hens, kids and the lower reaches of society all occupy this patch of Spain in the summer. No matter as I was here to to spend a few days with a good pal who with the realities of work and distance, limits our contact to usually Christmas and maybe the odd weekend during the year so a few unhurried d ...Read Salou blog»
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22 Jul 2006 - Barcelona, Spain

After having previously written about the magnificent cuts of meat on offer in the Mercat de la Boqueria, I thought I would actually get some photos this time. I have never seen the likes of it on sale in the UK - without any great surprise. Why would a shopper overlook the best cuts of meat in order to opt for some head and lung? ...Read Barcelona blog»
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3 Jul 2006 - Porto, Portugal

Another morning trip to the Port tasting houses! This time I bumped into some English people with connections to Ipswich. Such a small world. As for Port, there is a unique body of English ritual and etiquette surrounding the consumption of port, stemming from British naval custom. Traditionally, the wine is passed "port to port": the host will pour a glass ...Read Porto blog»
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