January 2006

28 Jan 2006 - Valencia, Spain

Another flying visit but even though its one day trip which is very long, beginning with a trip to the airport at 3AM, I would rather be doing this, soaking up history and culture plus learning something new instead of going into the office! Such trips usually involve me not got going to sleep the so that I can leave for the airport without risk of overslee ...Read Valencia blog»
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1 Jan 2006 - Aarhus, Denmark

New Year 2006! Boxes of fireworks were placed in the streets and set off – these weren’t the damp squibs you often see going off in someone’s back garden either. People were setting fireworks everywhere and it began to resemble a war zone as you fireworks were going off at different angles and from different directions, some landing again while still lit. Mi ...Read Aarhus blog»
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