February 2006

25 Feb 2006 - Barcelona, Spain

Nothing exceptional to report on this trip. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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10 Feb 2006 - Sofia, Bulgaria

After retuning from Bansko I had to return to Sofia airport to fly back to the UK. While here though I had enough time to make a flying visit to the city to sort out some financial affairs. Buying property in Bulgaria also means having a bank account and this had to be set up before leaving. ...Read Sofia blog»
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8 Feb 2006 - Bansko, Bulgaria

I arrived in Bansko with the purpose of buying an apartment in this up and coming ski resort. Many agents appointments, lots of lies and much exploration of the area allowed me to eventually decide on my target but getting there was a lengthy process. Like all property, location is king and in a ski resort the rules are: buy within 100m of the gondola, make ...Read Bansko blog»
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