August 2006

27 Aug 2006 - St Fillans, Scotland

Today was white water rafting day on the River Tay. Just getting there was a pleasurable experience in itself - very little traffic and stunning scenery. At some points it was worthy of stopping the car and getting out to capture it on camera. The white water rafting was great fun and fortunately the weather was warm and sunny though it the water was still ...Read St Fillans blog»
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26 Aug 2006 - Stirling, Scotland

After stopping off at the field of Bannockburn, Stirling was only a short trip away. OId cobbled Stirling is beautiful in itself but a trip to the castle and a guided tour is not only an enjoyable excursion but also helps to put in perspective why this city and castle were important and the role they played in the fateful Battle of Bannockburn. Stirling cas ...Read Stirling blog»
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26 Aug 2006 - St Fillans, Scotland

Bannockburn, Stirling and now the final destination - St Fillans. St Fillans is a very small place which if you are driving drive through could easily be missed. With its location on the banks of Loch Earn though, missing it could be excused as your attention would no doubt be drawn to the stunning views (but keep your eyes on the road!) over the loch and t ...Read St Fillans blog»
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26 Aug 2006 - Bannockburn, Scotland

This represented my first trip to Scotland and encompassed visits to Stirling and St Fillans. The main purpose was to do some white water rafting in St Fillans but on the way there Stirling and historic Bannockburn needed a look in also. Bannockburn has a visitor centre that tells the story of the battle and the battle field itself tries to indicate the main ...Read Bannockburn blog»
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18 Aug 2006 - Barcelona, Spain

Just the usual wander around the city viewing different sites and different streets underneath the blazing hot sun. This year, for any visitor from the UK, the sun has been something of a stranger. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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