November 2005

17 Nov 2005 - Paderborn, Germany

After the exercise in Poland it was our time to return to Paderborn, where the unit we were attached to was based. We wandered the streets as sight seeing tourists but one night out saw us visit a very squaddie orientated pub and could very easily have been a club back in Britain as short haired youths drank to massive excess. ...Read Paderborn blog»
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16 Nov 2005 - In the woods, Poland

This military exercise started with 3 days in Germany and then a drive to the exercise area in Poland. The exercise for us started in a vehicle depot as the troops we joined with had been on exercise for about 7 weeks and were on a short break to recondition equipment and to refresh. This suited me fine and I escaped from the cold, miserable conditions into ...Read In the woods blog»
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2 Nov 2005 - Barcelona, Spain

Nothing exceptional to report on this trip. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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