July 2005

31 Jul 2005 - Herculaneum, Italy

This is my second trip to Herculaneum but all my initial emotions about this place and being able to touch the past still stand. So what if I am seeing it again, it can't all be taken in on one visit and like a good book, if you read it again you will still come across something you didn't see the first time and Herculaneum is no different. With so much to s ...Read Herculaneum blog»
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29 Jul 2005 - Rome, Italy

Exploring the historic centre can take all day so the next day was spent away from there and in the areas around it and between the centre and the Vatican , which as it is a separate state, is covered in a different blog feature. The Parthenon is particularly note worthy as it is one of the best preserved ancient Roman buildings, possibly still with the ori ...Read Rome blog»
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29 Jul 2005 - Vatican, Vatican City State

My second time in Rome and this time with intention of seeing more than just the outside of buildings. I entered St Peter's basilica and saw the beautiful interior. monuments and tombs of many of the early popes as well as the more recent. I ran out of time again though so this precluded a visit to the Sistine Chapel. One day, I will get to see Michelangelo' ...Read Vatican blog»
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28 Jul 2005 - Rome, Italy

Here I am again! Following in the footsteps of a previous visit that also took in Rome , Pompeii , Herculaneum and Sorrento . Again I explored the ancient heart and while revisiting some of the larger, popular structures also focused on some of the smaller things that I didn't pay so much attention the first time. To really see Rome I think would take weeks. ...Read Rome blog»
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