August 2005

3 Aug 2005 - Sorrento, Italy

Its deja vu as I return to Sorrento. Just like the last time I was in this part of Italy, Sorrento was the culmination of a trip involving Rome, Herculaneum and Pompeii. This time though I didn't go to Capri so there was more time spent just completely relaxing and hitting the beach. This time I spent time on one of the stretches of sand which is called a be ...Read Sorrento blog»
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2 Aug 2005 - Pompeii, Italy

My third time to Pompeii and again I stayed in a campsite although a different one to last time. Even though it was my third time and so much seemed familiar, there was also much that was new and even now there are many things that I still haven't seen or explored such is the scale of the site. Would I go again? Definitely. ...Read Pompeii blog»
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