April 2005

27 Apr 2005 - Porto, Portugal

My first time in Porto and I forgot my camera! Never mind, in the end I didn't really have time to do the real tourist thing. I left my last job not 4 weeks ago and have been quite wrapped up with touching up my CV and speaking to recruitment consultants. At this point in time I had a contract sorted out which would have been great; a good rate and based in ...Read Porto blog»
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18 Apr 2005 - Barcelona, Spain

I'm beginning to feel like a resident! I have been to Barcelona so many times that I know the centre fairly well but as I've said before, there is always something different to see and even seeing something that has been seen before isn't always bad. Watching the scammers work the bottom of the Ramblas in the day always provides some entertainment. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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