September 2004

10 Sep 2004 - Rome, Italy

My second time in Rome and all without throwing a coin into the Trevi fountain; that puts paid to that myth. Returning was like coming back to visit an old friend. The first time I was here I totally immersed myself in the city and its history so seeing it again was like I had never been away. Not true though. In a city as big as this and with a history goi ...Read Rome blog»
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9 Sep 2004 - Vatican, Vatican City State

My first time in Rome and also a trip to the smallest independent state in existence. Despite it's size, there is a lot to see and unfortunately with the tight schedule I was running, time was at a premium. All that I had time for was a quick look around the area without actually entering any of the buildings. ...Read Vatican blog»
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7 Sep 2004 - Naples, Italy

After seeing Herculaneum and Pompeii, after a stay in Sorrento and a visit to Capri, Naples was the last stop before returning to Rome and a flight back home. There is a saying, 'See Naples and die', maybe they mean from the pollution or traffic but there is a small chance that this applies to the view across the Bay of Naples to Vesuvius. ...Read Naples blog»
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6 Sep 2004 - Capri, Italy

A stay in the Bay of Naples will more than likely mean a stay in beautiful Sorrento. If that's the case then a day trip to Capri is all you will need to explore this tiny island. At 6km long and 2.7km wide it can easily be done in a day. The two main towns of Capri and Anacapri have to be visited and this was done easily by using the regular bus service. Ana ...Read Capri blog»
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5 Sep 2004 - Sorrento, Italy

After the busy period of sight seeing in Pompeii and Herculaneum it was time to turn to pure relaxation in an air conditioned apartment in the centre of Sorrento. Its a popular destination and it is no surprise why. Though beach space is very limited, it is a beautiful place with good restaurants and views from the cliffs. It is also a convenient place to ge ...Read Sorrento blog»
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3 Sep 2004 - Herculaneum, Italy

The first time I was in this part of Italy I was only here for a day trip to Pompeii as I was staying in Ferrara in the north of Italy. So it was with much excitement that I arrived in Pompeii particularly as I had heard of the different method of preservation here compared to Pompeii. I wasn't disappointed. Like walking in Pompeii, my imagination ran away w ...Read Herculaneum blog»
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2 Sep 2004 - Pompeii, Italy

My second time in Pompeii and this time it wasn't a day trip. A campsite provided the accommodation which even in September provides for a sweaty night. Though it was my second time here, I was no less impressed and still managed to miss seeing some important sites that I missed the first time I was here. ...Read Pompeii blog»
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