November 2004

27 Nov 2004 - Verona, Italy

With the advent of budget flights, a day trip to another country can be done cheaper than taking a day trip to a city in the same country. Who cares if it kills the planet? The airlines will only do something about it once it starts hitting their bottom line along with the government but woe betide any government that makes flying too expensive for the masse ...Read Verona blog»
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20 Nov 2004 - Barcelona, Spain

Yet another Barcelona trip and the chance for some November sun. The focus this time is on the market on the Ramblas which is huge, colourful and well stocked with many varieties of food. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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13 Nov 2004 - Barcelona, Spain

Another day trip, this one to Barcelona. Despite being here before, the city is so large that one day isn't enough but with air fares being so low I know that I will be taking other trips here in the future. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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6 Nov 2004 - Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a large city with lots to see and do. Some of it has been described above and lots can be read about in the many pages that exist on the internet about it. What I want to do though is capture a few shots that I think are special and represent what a visitor might see in a visit to this city. ...Read Barcelona blog»
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