July 2003

19 Jul 2003 - Cairo, Egypt

If you ever holiday in Cyprus then Cairo can be done in a weekend. I was with the TA in Cyprus and part of our R&R was either a weekend in a Paphos, Cypus or a cruise to Cairo. I chose the latter and we left Cyprus on Friday night on a cruise ship with dancers, singers and lots of the British staple, alcohol. Early the next morning we arrived in Port Said, E ...Read Cairo blog»
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17 Jul 2003 - Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

Our exercise on Cyprus was far from all military training and much time was spent on adventure training. Obviously, being a Mediterranean island there was plenty of water and beach activities but we also had mountain biking on the agenda and were taken up into the Troodos Mountains and the mythical home of the Greek Gods, Mount Olympus. Although I didn't ma ...Read Troodos Mountains blog»
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12 Jul 2003 - Episkopi, Cyprus

Unlike most of my trips to the Greek islands, this trip was not with Pat Taylor et al for a boozy week. No, it was in fact with my TA Regiment for annual camp. Whilst there was plenty of opportunity for recreation, it was a great experience to train in a totally different climate where the temperature was often over 40 degrees Celsius.

The adventu ...Read Episkopi blog»
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