May 2002

15 May 2002 - Gubbio, Italy

A quiet little town this place may be but on festival day it takes on a totally different feel. I arrived in the late afternoon of the 14th April, got some accommodation and then had a look around the town as it was gearing up for the next day's celebration. The Corsa dei Ceri (Candles Race) is held each year on the 15th May to commemorate the city's patron ...Read Gubbio blog»
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14 May 2002 - Orvieto, Italy

Venice, Pisa, Rome and now the lesser known location of Orvieto. After the hustle and bustle of the eternal city it was time to head back to Ancona for the return flight back to the UK but to break the journey up however, two more places were included in this Italian tour, the first being Orvieto, just 1-2 hours outside of Rome. Like most old Italian cities, ...Read Orvieto blog»
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10 May 2002 - Rome, Italy

My first time in Rome and also the fulfillment of a long held ambition - a visit to the glory that is Rome! A place where the history of mankind has been shaped into what it is today. See where the intrigues of Marc Anthony, Julius Caeser took place; where the mad, bad and great Caesars lived; where gladiators battled and where the ordinary people went about ...Read Rome blog»
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9 May 2002 - Pisa, Italy

After Venice, Pisa was next on the Italian tour. Two days and one night is sufficient to see the best of what Pisa has to offer and for most people that needs no explanation. Having said that, the famous leaning tower is only one monument in an extraordinary concentration of Romanesque splendour. The area is the Campo dei Miracoli and holds the cathe ...Read Pisa blog»
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8 May 2002 - Venice, Italy

Venice, whilst famous for its canals and being a once great maritime republic, the secret to seeing and discovering the real Venice is not along the water but by on foot. Many areas are empty of tourists even in high season and you can become lost in the narrow winding streets deep in thought.Of course, you will be unable and unwilling to avoid the Grand Can ...Read Venice blog»
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