December 2001

15 Dec 2001 - Santiago, Chile

Boy oh boy! Last night was a big night and today the effects are making themselves pretty well known. The bad thing is that we had booked a wine tasting and wine making tour. While not being able to discern the delicate aromas of blackberry, apricot, straw and plum we certainly knew how to gulp it down to the amusement of our hosts and Brazilian couple also ...Read Santiago blog»
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14 Dec 2001 - Santiago, Chile

The final few days to my holiday and it was time to take in Santiago. Some parts of the city really have a colonial feel but a lot of these buildings seem to be coated in rotting paint. However, as you reach the center you could almost be in any highly developed country as there are plenty of shops and more than a few sky scrapers. As you move away from the ...Read Santiago blog»
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11 Dec 2001 - Calama, Chile

This has the look and feel of a modern city with only a few oldish buildings amongst the spread of relatively recent buildings. We arrived here from Santiago by bus after a 24 hour journey. This wasn't as bad as it sounds though. Coach travel is very cheap here; the coaches are of a high standard and you get the opportunity to view a lot of the country. From ...Read Calama blog»
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10 Dec 2001 - San Pedro, Chile

We arrived in Calama and immediately sought out a car rental agency and then a supermarket to stock up on a few bites but mainly lots of water - we didn't want to be caught out in the desert in the case of a breakdown and being forced to drink the vehicle radiator water just to survive! While driving through the featureless Atacama desert from Calama to San ...Read San Pedro blog»
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8 Dec 2001 - Santiago, Chile

On our return from Patagonia we again made immediate arrangements for another expedition. This time it was for a two day coach journey to the far North and the Atacama desert. This required another early start the next day so it was a quiet night and early to bed. Only upon our return would we have time to see Santiago. ...Read Santiago blog»
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7 Dec 2001 - Puerto Natales, Chile

Four days after setting out on our trek we returned - desperate to eat some real food like meat, not packets of pasta with bits of minced chicken in. We also returned a lot trimmer around the waistline so it was time to visit the restaurants of Puerto Natales. We chose a restaurant named La Tranquera that looked like a meat eaters paradise. OK, this one didn ...Read Puerto Natales blog»
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6 Dec 2001 - Patagonia, Chile

On day 4, rather than walk back the way we had come we elected to get a ferry. This had the benefit of whiskey and glacier ice and a close encounter with Glacier Grey for some spectacular views and photos. After this it was back to Puerto Natales for a couple of days before returning to Santiago. ...Read Patagonia blog»
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5 Dec 2001 - Patagonia, Chile

Day 3 began overcast with the hint of rain. After cooking up another pasta meal we went to see the nearby glacier and then began another march, this time to Grey. The weather held firm for the first hour and a half before a constant drizzle settled upon us. This drizzle turned into rain and began to turn the paths into mud baths. This slowed down our progres ...Read Patagonia blog»
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4 Dec 2001 - Patagonia, Chile

Day 2 began with hot drinks and pasta to fuel us for the long march to Camp Italiano. We retraced our steps from the day before and made our way back up and over the mountain. After reaching the other side we thought we lost the path and took what we thought was the way. Instead, this took us through marshy but untrekked land. The land was undulating and eac ...Read Patagonia blog»
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3 Dec 2001 - Patagonia, Chile

Day 1 of our trek and after leaving civilisation behind in Puerto Natales we got a bus into the Parque Nacional Torres Del Paine. Upon registering with the rangers at the administration centre we were free to follow the circuit. We got dropped off at Hosteria Las Torres on a windy but sometimes sunny morning. From here we started our walk and began the asce ...Read Patagonia blog»
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2 Dec 2001 - Punto Arenas, Chile

We arrived on Sunday and first bought a bus ticket to take us to Puerto Natales as the second step to our ultimate destination of the Parque Nacional Torres del Paine. This gave us a few hours which we put to good use having a look around the city. The Lonely Planet travel guide lists a number of places possibly worth having a look at. While there are some i ...Read Punto Arenas blog»
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2 Dec 2001 - Puerto Natales, Chile

Upon arriving we were immediately set upon by people handing pieces of paper offering budget accommodation, almost all including breakfast. Apparently the quality can be excellent but we already knew our destination - the Residencial Patagonia Aventura. At less than 5 per day this was an absolute bargain. Other hostels were a slight and insignificant amount ...Read Puerto Natales blog»
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1 Dec 2001 - Santiago, Chile

My trip to Chile began in the capital, Santiago. For me it was a great venture, for my old uni buddy, Adam it was just another foreign trip. This was the first time I had seen him since we were in Thailand with the other Chamberlain, Hywel and Jint in August 2000. Since then Adam had been bumming around the world - good luck to him, how many people can say t ...Read Santiago blog»
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