August 2000

15 Aug 2000 - Kanchanaburi, Thailand

The end of the holiday was near. We had been to the paradise islands of Ko Samui and Ko Pha-Ngan but it was now time to return to Bangkok for our return flight back to London. Back in Bangkok we found a cheap hotel this time positioned in the middle of the Pat-Pong district and this one even came with its own 'massage parlour'. Neon, whores and pimps were al ...Read Kanchanaburi blog»
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13 Aug 2000 - Ko Samui, Thailand

This was near the end of the holiday and so far we had all avoided becoming ill. One thing to watch our for is the ice. Ice cubes are normally fine as these are produced in sterile conditions in a factory. However, chipped ice is a different matter. Chipped ice is produced by setting to a huge block of ice with a pick. These blocks though are often dragged a ...Read Ko Samui blog»
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9 Aug 2000 - Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

One of the nights was a mellow one on the beach. It was still hot but the cooling breeze on the beach helped and we chatted, drank and danced our way into the small hours. One great piece of comedy occurred in a beach bar/club when I with a bit of money persuaded Adam to shuffle across the dance floor with his shorts around his ankles, thumb in mouth and sa ...Read Ko Pha Ngan blog»
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8 Aug 2000 - Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

On one of our days here we were pointed to a local chap who had one of the long narrow fishing boats that are characteristic to this part of the world. We were taken around the islands to see the sites and stopped at various places for us to get into the water and snorkel. Corals and brightly coloured fish were there to see as well as the specimen known as t ...Read Ko Pha Ngan blog»
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7 Aug 2000 - Ko Pha Ngan, Thailand

As you step off the ferry onto the pier you are immediately greeted by tens of people trying to carry your bags, get you a taxi or invite you to come and stay in their hotel (hotel to be read as beach hut). This all round assault puts raises your vigilance and need to watch your kit as you imagine little hands weaving their way into your belongings. The solu ...Read Ko Pha Ngan blog»
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6 Aug 2000 - Ko Samui, Thailand

Upon arriving in Ko Samui we knew that we had to go on to Ko Pha-Ngan so made a trip to the part of the island from which the boat departs. From here we decided an overnight stay would give us a break after the travelling and give us another night out. Adam already knew which hotel we would stay at so this was quickly arranged. So with the evening drawing in ...Read Ko Samui blog»
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4 Aug 2000 - Bangkok, Thailand

Read any tourist guide and you will see that there is lots to do in Bangkok. Well there are a few attractions to see but simply experiencing Bangkok is sufficient. Shamefully though we ignored the famous canals, Jim Thompson's House and China town. (Why see China town - lets see Thailand instead!) Don't be pressured by the agents at the airport when you arr ...Read Bangkok blog»
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