November 1999

16 Nov 1999 - Macau, China

As part of a day trip from hectic Hong Kong, Macau offered a slightly less busy and slower pace of life to what I had become accustomed to. I wandered the streets almost believing that I was back in the Mediterranean instead of thousands of miles away in Asia. Dumpling stalls soon dispelled that feeling and at only 30p a dumpling I was soon gathering up them ...Read Macau blog»
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13 Nov 1999 - Hong Kong, China

This was a seven day trip to Hong Kong but effectively only 5 days because of travel. For this reason it was very quick trip with lots of walking, sight seeing and obligatory eating. When the sight and smell of food is all around then it's impossible next to. In fact I think that Hong Kong is one big kitchen. The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong can soon becom ...Read Hong Kong blog»
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11 Nov 1999 - Taipei, Taiwan

As part of a short stopover before continuing the journey onto Hong Kong, there were a few hours to explore Tapei. This exploration consisted of a walk around the city and a search for a source of food. As usual, the food couldn't be faulted and some of the food bars gave a selection of Korean, Japanese and Chinese food. Hardly any Western food at all! ...Read Taipei blog»
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