March 1999

14 Mar 1999 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Despite the changes since the fall of communism, Bulgaria still has the feel of a Cold War relic. One of things that I found so different to back in the West was the way that some shops are no more than basements with their pavement level openings converted in to shop counters. Some shops have flimsy glass cases containing spirits outside. At night these can ...Read Sofia blog»
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13 Mar 1999 - Sofia, Bulgaria

Three days prior to my visit, several stray missiles landed in the Sofia suburbs fired from NATO bombers during the campaign to oust the Serbians from Kosovo. It seemed that many people thought that the Serbs should be left to get on with their genocide and after a visit to the Museum I could see whyl. What was NATO's right to get involved in an internal aff ...Read Sofia blog»
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12 Mar 1999 - Warsaw, Poland

On our arrival in Warsaw from Krakow we had quite a few hours left to eat up before our flight back to Bulgaria. Therefore we spent the day looking around mainly the "old" section. This section is actually very new but the original part of this city was totally destroyed during the war. Writing this 6 years after I visited Warsaw, I can seem to remember any ...Read Warsaw blog»
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11 Mar 1999 - Auschwitz, Poland

Auschwitz I is remarkably well preserved and as you walk though the barracks, prison block, execution yard and view the belongings of the prisoners is an unbelievable experience. It is almost impossible to believe that such atrocities occurred in a place that you can freely walk around. The guided tours are of a very high quality and our Polish guide was ext ...Read Auschwitz blog»
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10 Mar 1999 - Krakow, Poland

As the only European city to be untouched by WWII you realise what the ravages of war have taken away from the rest of Europe. Only a lack of film prevented me taking more photos (the pre-digital days!). After flying to Warsaw from the gastronomic wilderness that is/was Bulgaria and then immediately travelling to Krakow it was great not to see a fast food c ...Read Krakow blog»
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8 Mar 1999 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria

While there are some attractive places to see in Plovdiv I shall talk mention our accommodation which was a little different to the usual hotel one normally stays in. After speaking to an agency we were led to a respectable residential block near the middle of Plovdiv. After being led up we were introduced to an elderly lady. Thinking, "Great but now where ...Read Plovdiv blog»
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