June 1998

15 Jun 1998 - Marseilles, France

Pat, Nick, Fraser and myself made the long journey by car for the World Cup, France '98. I didn't have any tickets and the only tickets that our party did hold were for the Group game between Holland and South Korea. Insignificant perhaps, but Fraser and Pat were the lucky owners of these. Never mind, even without tickets for the games the fact that I could ...Read Marseilles blog»
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12 Jun 1998 - Aix-en-Provence, France

France '98, no not the date of my visit but the name of the occasion. France '98 refers to World Cup 98! Being a great fan of the beautiful game and also being a great fan of the craic, a trip to Aix was too much of an opportunity to pass up. Normally with Pat, Fraser and Nick we end up in a Greek resort staying in a half built hotel. This time we found ours ...Read Aix-en-Provence blog»
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