July 1997

9 Jul 1997 - Toronto, Canada

As usual, we all went on the razz to experience the night scene. Like most nights out we had a good time and some good stories were formed - particularly one concerning a midget. I had a terrible time however as after eating the oysters on one night, I woke up the next morning at 6AM in pain. A visit to the bathroom was needed to eject the oysters. Further v ...Read Toronto blog»
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7 Jul 1997 - Niagara, Canada

We only spent a two days and a night here just to see the famous waterfall. Apparently the Canadian side is the best hence why we went to Canada to see it. We got a cheap motel and then went off to explore the area. Not a great deal to see really. Just the waterfall, tacky souvenir shops and plenty of restaurants to satisfy the free spending tourists. As wi ...Read Niagara blog»
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4 Jul 1997 - Cleveland, United States

We stayed with a couple of American girls that one of my companions knew from his University days who really went out of their way to accommodate and entertain us. Apart from visiting the mall, swimming in Lake Ontario and the obligatory glass raising activities, our time here was certainly interesting.Our trip coincided with July 4th, Independence Day. Thou ...Read Cleveland blog»
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2 Jul 1997 - Washington DC, United States

Only a few days here so it meant a mad dash around to see the sights. The White House, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Veterans Memorial and all the other places made famous by TV. DC is a city full of monuments, government buildings and attractive 19th century building. Surprisingly for America, finding a shop was difficult but in the end we were pointed to the w ...Read Washington DC blog»
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