Rimini, Italy

Rimini's frenetic nightlife and extensive beaches pull in holiday-makers by the tens of thousands. With a staggering 40km (25mi) of sandy beaches in the area and oodles of discos and clubs, the town pulses with fun-seekers searching for nightly fun and games and a slice of beach (in)action.

The old city centre was badly damaged by 400 bombing raids in World War II but enough remains to warrant a quick look.



19 Jun 2005 - Rimini, Italy

Being an unprepossessing place, I never expected to return but return I did. As it is very close to Bologna, a city break followed by some beach time isn't a bad way to go. Rimini is also a superb base for a trip to nearby San Marino with buses regularly leaving from the main square.
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Rimini - Arch of Augustus

Rimini - Arch of Augustus

Built in 27 BC for Rome's first Emperor, Augustus, the adopted son of Julius Caesar.
Rimini - Tiberius' Bridge (Ponte di Tiberio)

Rimini - Tiberius' Bridge (Ponte di Tiberio)

Slung across the creek in the 1st century AD this bridge is still used though no doubt has been considerably strengthened and reinforced.

14 Jul 2002 - Rimini, Italy

Loved by Italian holiday makers, this place is everything you would expect of a busy coastal resort - bars, shops and restaurants everywhere but at least away from the coast the atmosphere changed and got more civilised. Back on the coast though, while it is full of people out enjoying themselves and partying, the consumption of alcohol is a lot different and it was only us Brits showing ourselves up with our raucous, alcohol fuelled behaviour.

In fact I think we were the only British people there along with a few Dutch but they were inconspicuous and well behaved. This was nothing more than a lads trip away with sun, sea, sand and large hangovers.
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