The Countryside, Dominican Republic

The final excursion was to be taken into the interior to get a look at the rainforest and the villages to see how the Dominicans supposedly unconnected with the tourist industry live - all with the chance of buying their wares so just how unconnected some of them are with tourism is open to debate. All the same, we had a good tour guide with a good command of English and a good sense of humour. The jokes were good - and should be as they rolled off of the tongue with all the assuredness of someone who has repeated them countless number of times.


26 Nov 2001 - The Countryside, Dominican Republic

The scenery was like something out of Jurassic Park but that's probably because it was - or so the guides tried to tell us. Despite my research I believe that Jurassic Park was shot elsewhere, mainly Hawaii.

One interesting point was the number of kids who would stand at the side of the road with their hands raised to our transport shouting "Minta, Minta!" This is a call for sweets and some guide books recommend you bring a bag of sweets with you to keep the kids happy.

Another destination was Dama Jagua. This location was revealed to us as part of a walk in the rain forest, through the streams and eventually to the pool and waterfall.
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Domincan Republic - Lizard on a tree

Domincan Republic - Lizard on a tree

On our trip through the Dominican Republic countryside our tour guides stopped frequently to show us some attraction. On of these stops I came across this lizard.
Domincan Republic - The countrysid

Domincan Republic - The countryside

The countryside that our guides said was used for the movie Jurassic Park.
Domincan Republic - Dama Agua

Domincan Republic - Dama Agua

This is a refreshingly cool pool set in the rainforest and is on the tour guides list of destinations - before they take you somewhere else to get fleeced. After the march through the rainforest a number tourists were encouraged to jump off the cliff. The landing point was just at the opening of the cave. I don't know how deep it is around here but I could wade quite far in and the water only came up to my waist. Fool hardy I think.
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