Cleveland, United States

I can't remember much about this. It wasn't such a tick and bash monuments type but more of a relax and enjoy America type trip. We were located in Cleveland Heights, middle class America of the type seen in the teen movies - big houses, wide roads and spotless residential areas.


4 Jul 1997 - Cleveland, United States

We stayed with a couple of American girls that one of my companions knew from his University days who really went out of their way to accommodate and entertain us. Apart from visiting the mall, swimming in Lake Ontario and the obligatory glass raising activities, our time here was certainly interesting.

Our trip coincided with July 4th, Independence Day. Though we as Brits had nothing to celebrate we went along to the fireworks to commiserate the loss of the colonies and saw just how the Americans celebrate this day. It genuinely is a day of celebration and is celebrated like nothing in the UK other than Christmas and bonfire night all in one.

To have experienced this was an education and a pleasure as it really is something different to what someone who has never been to the States on the 4th July can understand. One may think that so much is known about America from the media but the friendliness and the generosity of the Americans that we met has so far been unmatched.
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