Estartit, Spain

Just another sun, sea and sand resort with nothing else to give it credit. I visited in 1991 and stayed in a campsite with five others. We were promptly kicked off site after the first night so we had to find alternative accomodation on the second night which we did. We were then also kicked out of here but on our third day we found a good apartment which we stayed in for the duration of the two week holiday.

There were antics galore, all quite disgraceful really and often involved faeces. A group on holiday is like a team and as with every team needs a good mix of skills amongst its members. Our group had its very own shi* specialist amongst other specialist skills.

On our last day we had to leave at 6AM and run off before the owner of the complex saw the state we had left the apartment. I remember the mad dash in the early morning as six youths which we were back then fled weighed down with heavy bags.

On our return to the UK we found out that the holiday reps next door who had befriended us were kicked out because of their association with us. So, remind me why it is that British youths have such a bad reputation when abroad?


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