Sydney, Australia

Australia's oldest and largest settlement is vibrant city built around one of the most specatacular harbours in the world. Instantly recognisable thanks to its opera house, harbour and bridge, Sydney also has other attractions like the Victorian era Paddington, beaches such as Bondi and Manley, and two coastal national parks on the city fringe.


28 Nov 2000 - Sydney, Australia

On arrival in Sydney we suffered a minor set back in that our luggage was still in London!!! Therefore we had to live in what we were wearing (I didn't mind) and make do with what we had with us in our hand luggage.

While waiting for our luggage to arrive our time was spent sight seeing so it didn't really infringe on our holiday. We also had to arrange for a week in Cairn's as well as this was our intended main destination. Sydney was just something to tick off the 'I've been there' list! Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Opera House, Taronga Park Zoo, Darling harbour, the aquarium were all visited. Kings Cross at night was also visited (just as seedy, if not more so that London's King Cross) but not really explored in any great detail - I hear the nights here can get quite outrageous.

At this time, Sydney is supposed to be a hot, sunny place but this year was seeing one of it's wettest ones in history and it while it was cool to warm, it was often very wet. The trip to Bondi beach was nothing like is seen on TV; instead it was just a long, windswept beach being drowned in rain. I took a look; walked across the beach (well, you've got to say you've done it) and then beat a retreat back to the city. One thing about Bondi is that is resembles a British seaside resort with its fish and chip shops and Victorian looking buildings.
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